What am I (not) doing?

NanoPoblano / NaBloPoMo ended an eon ago.

I predictably failed that, further guaranteed by a spider bite that went septic* and a head cold that had the audacity to FCB. I just made that acronym up. The CB stands for ‘come back’  the F stands for.  Um.


(Sorry, still suffering from lots of congestion)


In between times, I have managed to work, sleep and eat and do some Christmas shopping. On the latter point, I had the following conversation with my mum.

MUM: Santa looks lonely, do you think I should offer to sit on his lap?

I glanced over at the Shopping-Mall-Santa, by himself, except for his ‘elf’ randomly pressing buttons on a camera surrounded by a sea of props and an absent queue of parents and children.

ME: He’s a good-looking Santa.

MUM: Really?

*Weird pause*

ME: I don’t mean like, “Phwoah”!

*Mum laughs so hard she can’t breathe properly*

ME: I mean, he has a real beard and actually looks like he could be Santa.


In other news, I strung up fairy lights for Christmas and I’m thinking about making it permanent. Related: My house is in disarray, I’m drinking wine and eating left-overs.

I had a wonderful family-ish Christmas and however you and yours celebrated this time, I hope it was marvellous.

Whatever you do, make it merry.

See you in the new year.


*FYI: Right up until I posted, I had a spider bite that went ‘sceptic’. I didn’t realise we had so much in common.


Folding Sheets

Family habits are a funny thing.

Your family is, as your family is.  As a child you believe what you’re experiencing is normal and everyone has a family similar to yours. Depending upon your life and who you meet along the way will determine how quickly you discover normal doesn’t exist and that thing your family does isn’t necessarily a thing other families do.

I’ve spoken of some of these habits before. Some of these differences are minute. Tiny little differences you only observe once you start living with someone who grew up in a different family. Like, do you leave the pegs on the line, or off?

[A surprising number of these relate to washing.]

I inadvertently discovered that my family’s rules for washing jeans are not universal. We always dry them inside-out because it frees up the pockets and allows them to dry faster.

My husband’s family always pegs clothes by the ankle, my family always pegs socks by the toe.

As we were bringing in the washing today I was reminded of another ritual that never ceases to make me smile. I find it endlessly and ridiculously amusing which my husband finds similarly amusing because we’ve really been married long enough now that I really should be over it.

And when I tell you what it is, you’ll be underwhelmed.

Folding sheets.

As we fold the sheets, I’ll pull on my right hand corner and he’ll pull on his right-hand corner, diagonally stretching the fabic taught. You’ll then do the same from the left-hand corner.  He says it makes sense, it squares-up the sheet and be that as it may, it’s still funny.

What are your family’s quirks?


Blog Lag

I participated in Nano Poblano knowing I wouldn’t be able to complete the challenge. Already I’m a couple of days short of success and I’m only at Day 10. And that’s okay.

I could have pushed myself and posted something trivial each day, but I decided against that. Life is particularly hectic for me at the moment and I refuse to stress about it. What upsets me more is not having the time to read my fellow bloggers’ posts.

I’ll see if I can lift my game this weekend.

Happy blogging, my friends.

And goodnight.

Daylight Spendings

Daylight savings always creates a fascinating dichotomy. Lovers or haters. Do an indifferent group of people exist?

As my Twitter feed fills with people sharing their opinions on the matter, I can only presume America is transitioning out of the light.

In October, participating states of Australia transitioned in the opposite direction and I LOVE it.  During the spring transition I’m like – bring me the light! When it turns back in autumn, it doesn’t make a lot of difference – except for that one ostensible bonus hour on Sunday.

Most people spend the first week of daylight savings speaking of time in twofold.

“What time is it?”

“Three o’clock, but it’s really only…”

In either direction, those most confused are the elderly and pets and possibly (if farmers alter their routines) livestock. My cat is only upset if it delays feeding time, he’s not so concerned if it brings it forward.

How does it affect you?

Love it, or hate it?


I wondered what I would write about this evening. I have many posts in drafts but I felt they were more for when I was desperate for ideas, as opposed to now, when I’m just boring and monologuing.

Can monoboring be a word?

*feels the power as I choose not to delete any of that waffling nonsense*

It’s Friday. Hurrah! And on Sunday it is seven weeks to Christmas Eve.

Time to sleep.

Short post.


Not sorry.

Just tired.

Sleep well, my friends.


My drive home from work normally takes me twenty-five minutes. Today, it took me seventy-five.

I tried not to be frustrated by this.

I reminded myself I wasn’t in the accident that lay ahead.

I was forced to stop. To wait. To breathe.

And I watched. I watched as our long line of jammed cars, awkwardly created a path for an ambulance who would tend to strangers.

Because humanity.

Nothing to Write About

Husband: Write about the cat eating his chicken wing.

Me: That’s really dull.

H: Introduce a narrative, make it interesting. How he was meant to eat it on his mat but didn’t so I had to wash the floor.

M: Wow. That is dull. I’d do better to talk about the time you punched yourself in the face.

H: And I was completely sober.

M: And you were allowed to operate machinery

H: A pulley isn’t ‘machinery’

M: It is.

H: That’s proper English?

M: It’s machine-ish.

H: See. There’s a blog post, right there.

M: You still punched yourself in the face though.

H: Shut up.

M: Just sayin’