Part 2: Mix Tape 1998

Part 1 is here.

Judge me at will.


Culture Beat – The World is in your hands


Woman – Neneh Cherry


Xfiles remix – I was obsessed with this show but my version doesn’t seem to exist on the internet – it had Mulder and Scully sound bites from the show.


Jesus Christ Superstar – Everything’s alright. I guess this was version was popular in Australia, owing to the Australian cast.


Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin .

All the feels.


Wendy Matthews – The Day You Went Away


Toni Childs – Many Rivers to Cross


Alanis Morresette – Hand in my pocket


Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I haven’t seen this video clip before – I wonder if it caused traffic chaos?


Julian Lennon – Now You’re in Heaven.


Any comments? Seriously, I think I can take them.


What am I (not) doing?

NanoPoblano / NaBloPoMo ended an eon ago.

I predictably failed that, further guaranteed by a spider bite that went septic* and a head cold that had the audacity to FCB. I just made that acronym up. The CB stands for ‘come back’  the F stands for.  Um.


(Sorry, still suffering from lots of congestion)


In between times, I have managed to work, sleep and eat and do some Christmas shopping. On the latter point, I had the following conversation with my mum.

MUM: Santa looks lonely, do you think I should offer to sit on his lap?

I glanced over at the Shopping-Mall-Santa, by himself, except for his ‘elf’ randomly pressing buttons on a camera surrounded by a sea of props and an absent queue of parents and children.

ME: He’s a good-looking Santa.

MUM: Really?

*Weird pause*

ME: I don’t mean like, “Phwoah”!

*Mum laughs so hard she can’t breathe properly*

ME: I mean, he has a real beard and actually looks like he could be Santa.


In other news, I strung up fairy lights for Christmas and I’m thinking about making it permanent. Related: My house is in disarray, I’m drinking wine and eating left-overs.

I had a wonderful family-ish Christmas and however you and yours celebrated this time, I hope it was marvellous.

Whatever you do, make it merry.

See you in the new year.


*FYI: Right up until I posted, I had a spider bite that went ‘sceptic’. I didn’t realise we had so much in common.