A Note To My Younger Self

There’s a television programme in Australia called Home Delivery. The host takes a celebrity guest on a journey back into their past. They visit the house they grew up in, their old school and they reflect upon the life they had growing up.

The host always ends the show with this question:

“If you could say something to your twelve-year-old self – what would you say?”

It’s a heavier question than it first appears. By addressing it you’re forced to think about what you could change. What you might regret. What you feared. How you struggled.

Could you have done better?

My friend and fellow blogger, Sinéad, answered this question herself which again got me thinking.

What would I say to my younger self?

For me, it is this:

You’re doing okay.

Give yourself permission to fail and keep trying.

Your worries are smaller than they feel.

You’re more in control than you think.

What would you say?


2 thoughts on “A Note To My Younger Self

  1. Wow… I would say… this too shall pass although it doesn’t feel like it now. You are more important than you know…One day you’ll understand this and you will be able to help others. You are talented with much to offer even though you are told otherwise daily. One day… you will find happiness and you will Thrive. 🙂

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