10 Things that are Probably Actually Uncool that I think are Actually Probably Cool

Silly socks. These bring a smile to my face EVERY. TIME.

Clothing with ears. Not real ears, you weirdo, but stitched on as part of your clothes. Seriously, these things are not just for children.

Origami. Paper folding magic, that’s what it is.


Old books. You don’t even have to read them, they look awesome and if you line your walls it aids insulation. Warm your home with books.


Pictures. When you’re not lining your walls with books, go for pictures. People are so clever and talented and it’s the easiest way to see how.

Clutter. Minimalist living appears to be in vogue but I enjoy the journey of finding things I love and it’s an adventure I share with my mum. While I avoid buying new thingsĀ  it’s still a luxury I don’t take for granted.

Banjo. I love a bit of banjo. Here’s an example I found one of my 90’s mix-tapes. Don’t judge me.

Stamps. I’m no philatelist but I am fascinated with stamps. I only have twenty-three, a third of those were collected by my great-grandmother who was post-mistress in Australia back in the late 1800s.

Taxidermy. Ok, let me clarify. I do not endorse killing animals, particularly and especially for trophies. Taxidermy though, is still an extraordinary art. Much of early non-trophy taxidermy was for learning and expressed perhaps a misplaced respect and wonder of animal-kind (and a way for the rich to impress their friends). Without photography, it was a means of documenting animals, with even some artists capturing, killing and preserving animals to then draw them. Today though, we should respect taxidermy of old as we cannot undo what has been done. There are also modern-day taxidermists ‘saving’ animals which have been victims of road-kill or have died of natural causes. After saying all that, I don’t own any taxidermy. It’s one of those things I really admire but don’t wish to own. I have a couple of vintage fur jackets belonging to my grandmother and a small vintage butterfly display – these are probably as close as I’ll get.

Word invention. Probably + Actually = Pactually.

Or Actrobably.

What’s on your list?