The Bigger Picture

I used to draw and paint a lot growing up. This peetered out with my frustrtion as I sought greater and greater likeness to life. At that time, I considered this the epitome of success as an artist – to draw as though I’d taken a snap-shot .

Someone questioned this, “Where is the art in that? You might as well take a photograph.”

I could see their point. I could also see that some artists, especially photographers might take offence to its implication. But I don’t intend to get into a debate about what art is or isn’t. This is a question of ideals.

I’ve always been at odds with the concept of perfectionism. I own and love art that isn’t photographic yet I expect this of myself. I think it’s enviable when an artist can convey a picture with a few dabs and strokes of the brush.

Like this picture.


It’s a market find, which is HUGE, I might add. I had to fold the seats down to get it in the car. And in truth, it’s cut-off at either end as I couldn’t fit the whole picture into the camera frame, not just because it’s HUGE but because I’ve hung this picture in a very small room. I’ve essentially broken all the rules.


The close-up shows so much with simply a few brush strokes. These two ladies, one with a white bow on the back of her dress appear to be an intense conversation

The picture itself is undated but it is probably 1960s or ’70s and it’s signed Federico. These type of pictures were painted quickly and often intended for the tourist market, though, in this case, it would have been a tough one to get home. You  know, speaking from experience.

I love this picture. It’s enviable art, and I must try to art more.



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