Another Year Ends

A new year will shortly begin.

I refuse to label 2016 as anything other than a good wizard year that bad things have happen to in. Let’s look at that good year…

I admit, I had to research a little to remind myself, as my brain is still all ‘What!? Debbie Reynolds died!?” but, let’s list the good stuff.

  1. Einstein was right – gravitational waves are no-longer theoretical.
  2. After 50 years of war, Columbia finds peace.
  3. Babies. If three babies are born a second, and with still several hours before midnight, near 9.5 million babies will be born this year – they have BIG shoes to fill. Just saying. No pressure.
  4. What about the Paralympics? Yeah, Baby! Oh, and the Olympics too.
  5. This kid makes teddy bears for sick children.
  6. We eradicated the Ebola virus. Long may it be eradicated.
  7. Dinosaur feathers were found preserved in amber.
  8. Good things happen everyday. Find some here. Google ‘good news’ for your area, it’ll warm your heart and make you cry. Not that I did. No. Definitely not. *clears throat*
  9. Barrack Obama is still president
  10. I discovered this again:

Let’s be happy 2017, or at least, thoroughly content:


What ever you do in 2017, be your best.



5 thoughts on “Another Year Ends

  1. I really love the Happy video. It made me smile and chair dance. 😉 I took a photo today, and felt a little of my own power to change what is. Perhaps that will be my next post. Thank you for some happy, I sure needed it.

    • I love that video, it always makes me dance and brings a smile to my face too. So glad it brought you a little bit of happy. As for 2017 – we can do it! We’ve got this! 🙂

  2. I love this. Even though it’s now well into the year, I’ll endeavour to remember this post whenever the sheer horror of reality in 2017 threatens to swallow me.

    Thanks, Kate. xxx

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