Essentially, Lots of Chocolate

After my husband’s final day at work for the year, he arrived home with a mammoth box of chocolates. His celebratory beer was probably responsible for the downward spiral of our conversation.

I don’t believe my Australian accent is particularly strong, but we sound very Australian here, so put on your best accent while reading. Try not to think about this too literally. More importantly, do not take this literally – in case you’re baffled by Australian slang, we’re saying we have a plentiful supply of chocolate.

HUSBAND: We have chocolate coming out our arses. Hang on. Is that correct? Is it ‘arse’ or ‘arses’? Does the phrase imply we have chocolate coming out of each of our arses or does it imply that we each have more than one arse? Maybe we have chocolate coming out of our arse, no, wait that’s really not right.

ME: We don’t have a collective arse.

HUSBAND: Yeah, so it is ‘arses’.

ME: You’ve given this way too much thought.

HUSBAND: *manic grin* You can blog about that if you like.


11 thoughts on “Essentially, Lots of Chocolate

  1. Hahahaha! “We don’t have a collective arse.” Oh I love it!

    And it reminds me of a conversation or two that my husband and I have had. I think it’s a marriage thing, lol. 😀

    Have a wonderful and blessed New Year! 🙂

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