Guilt Walk

Walking was one of our post holiday resolutions.

We’d slept in this morning and while my face was buried into my pillow to block the morning light, I agreed we’d walk this evening instead.

Though, I wondered if we would – evening rain was predicted and I admit, I kind of hoped that might be my ticket of leave. Alas, the rain came early and the evening was fine and mild.

So my husband suggested the walk we’d agreed to that morning.

I ummed and ahhed.

Then it rained a little, and I’m like ‘YAY!’

Then it stopped and he’s like ‘I might go by myself’.

And I’m all ‘Nooooo!’

And we walked. We guilt walked.

It’s guilt-ercise, the exercise you take when you think you should.

At least, we were walking. My favourite kinds of exercise are those you’re almost unaware of. A bush-walk, a stroll to the shops, walking your dog or a game of Twister. I’ll never understand why people jog. I never look at joggers and think ‘wow, I really want to be doing that, it looks a-ma-z ing’. But then, I’m not sporty at all.

What’s your prefered exercise regime? Is it founded in guilt or love?



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