Making Choices

I wrote and deleted a lot yesterday.

Memes inundated my Facebook feed.

I felt there was truth to them but I said nothing.

I didn’t touch the ‘like’ button.

I didn’t ‘share’.

I left the social media circus quietly.

I turned off the television.

I looked on from the other side of the world.

This was not my election.

I had no control.

But I choose not to be part of the negativity machine.

It does not help.

Fear does not help.

Panic does not help.

You have made your stance, Mr Trump.

You have set your bar.

You have won the vote.

This is democracy.


Prove me wrong.

Be amazing.


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11 thoughts on “Making Choices

      • Oh, I dunno; it hasn’t been as instantaneously disastrous as many predicted: I’d argue that, at best, this makes it undistinguished.

        Re: Trump, the best comfort I can draw is by looking at the sweep of history at its broadest and acknowledging that he will be a flash in the pan. I’ll be astounded if he survives two terms (perhaps literally, given his advanced years). I know Dubya managed it, but surely …?!

      • Rach put things rather brutally in perspective yesterday, too, by contrasting the Trump win with the devastating, cruel prognosis that a former work colleague of hers has received.

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