The Last Straw

You know how, sometimes, when you have a drink with a straw in it, and you’re not paying attention.

You go to take a sip, and the straw has floated up in the glass, so you poke yourself in the face with it.

Or your straw has a mind of its own and your mouth is tracking after it and this goes on for longer than it probably ought to.

And you don’t look up from your glass because you know your partner is staring at you with an amused look on their face.

This sums up my day.

nanopoblano1Team Tiny Peppers can be found here!

This sums up my day.





4 thoughts on “The Last Straw

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen glass straws, but then I haven’t really looked. I think the packet of straws I have in my house I bought for a craft project over ten years ago! I tend to only get fooled by a straw when I’m eating out, where everyone has the chance to see! πŸ˜€

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