The Art of Absence

LOOK! *runs away*

Yes, yes, yes.

I know.

I planned to do that whole A to Z thing. And I WILL recoup. But I’ve been away on a happy knick-knack collecting adventure with my mum. So I’ll have EVEN more to offer. Possibly. Alledgedly.

Anyhoo. To get back into the swing of things. There’s this list post that is all the rage right now. It started here with Mer, found its way to Jackie and you’ll find it here with Ra. I’m completely stealing all their ideas because I’m lazy.

Here are fifty facts about me.

  1. I’m lazy. I often don’t tidy up after myself due to the following circumstances:Β  a) I might/will need it again soon b) I haven’t got time to pack it away properly c) I can’t be bothered. However, when I’m in tidy mode I am an organised machine.
  2. I usually only lose things because someone else put it away.
  3. I have always chosen security over experience. I don’t take risks.
  4. On three occasions I’ve had friends who’ve envied me simply because their parents liked me. I only learnt this years later.
  5. I have only ever travelled overseas once and have collectively seen more of the UK and Ireland than I have of Australia.
  6. My family are big on nicknames. I still answer all of them. When I was ten, my dad sent a letter to me using my nickname and I was mortified that the postman had seen it.
  7. I hate arguing and I have never shouted in anger.
  8. Oysters make me gag. Up until my teens, so did green beans.
  9. I don’t drink enough water and too much alcohol.
  10. I am always working on a project of some kind. I’ll probably finish half of them. This month it’s crochet.
  11. I like clothes but I don’t like shopping for them.
  12. My favourite footwear is socks but I shoe-up at appropriate times.
  13. I once ate a meal after I removed someone’s hair from it.
  14. I have to cut up fruit before I eat it because eating a bug or discovering rotten flesh would put me off fruit for months.
  15. I like people to say what they mean, even if it hurts.
  16. I cannot stand talking on the radio – interviews or any form of commentary. If you want me to listen, you have to be mega interesting.
  17. I listen to Christmas music all year long.
  18. I’ve never broken a bone.
  19. I won a drawing competition when I was eleven. I drew a guinea pig and won an illustrated book of Aesop’s fables.
  20. I would love to be able to sing. Like properly and in tune.
  21. I would rather speak in front of thousands than play the piano for one person.
  22. I have an aversion to nail polish on my own finger nails and I don’t understand why people want fake nails.
  23. I always carry and X10 magnification lens and a tape measure.
  24. Sleeping during the day makes me feel ill so it takes a decent flu or migraine to make that an option.
  25. I don’t like skivvies. My mother used to make us wear them over our bathers to protect us from harmful sunrays. In Australia, this is a good thing, but instead I recommend a button up shirt. What’s worse than wearing a skivvy? Removing a wet one.
  26. I have no criminal record. Not even a parking ticket. I was once chastised by an off-duty policeman for jay walking. I suspect he wouldn’t have approached me if I was a 6’6″ rugby player.
  27. I have been teased for being white. Or at least, whiter than everyone else.
  28. Time has always moved too fast for me, even when I was a child.
  29. My greatest fear is to lose those I love.
  30. I’ve only ever had two jobs in my entire life. The first I had for 13 years.
  31. As a youngster, my mum was furious when she found out I saw the original Mad Max film at a friend’s house. I don’t remember it. However, the 1959 Disney movie The Shaggy Dog gave me nightmares.
  32. I loved my Barbies for their hair. I cracked the necks of two Barbies with over-brushing. I did not become a hairdresser.
  33. One day I hope to get a dog, I hope the cat will approve.
  34. Our first family cat was slightly psychotic and used to ambush my mum when she got home from work.
  35. I’ve only ever lived in two houses – the one I grew up in and the one I’m in now. I’ve house-sat three times.
  36. I own fifteen bibles/prayer books, fives crosses and two sets of rosary beads but I’m not religious.
  37. My skin is hypersensitive. Light touch will tickle me and/or make me itch.
  38. When I was three I was stung by a bee because I thought it was lovely and wanted to play with it.
  39. I have more types of sugar in my pantry than I do tea – white, raw, brown, castor, demerara and icing. I only use them for cakes or desserts.
  40. My favourite meal is my dad’s chicken roast.
  41. I have a tendency to accidently switch words around in sentences.
  42. My closest friends are my family.
  43. I prefer baths to showers.
  44. I’m a pyro at heart. I love candlelight. If there’s something to be lit, I’m lighting it, if there’s something to be stoked, I’m stoking it. I always volunteer to light the candles on birthday cakes.
  45. I dislike that burnt charcoal flavour. I take my bread barely toasted and even avoid marshmallows cooked in an open fire.
  46. Our cat sleeps in the bathroom and has five cat beds dotted around the house. Sometimes he uses them.
  47. We’ve never bought a television, we’ve only ever had hand-me-downs.
  48. I have tinnitus – my silence hums.
  49. I love, wonder and am mesmerised by nature but struggle with gardening.
  50. When I choke on something, or after food preverbially ‘goes down the wrong way’ I always sneeze. Always.

So. What fifty facts don’t I know about you?


13 thoughts on “The Art of Absence

  1. I have so enjoyed these. It’s so much fun to learn about your blogging buddies. I am working on a post but a lot has been going on in my neck of the woods lately. I’ll get to it eventually. LOL

  2. Can’t wait to see the knick-knacks!

    Your list is awesome, I’m always a bit envious of people who can make lists like that. I tried it once with just 10 things and struggled for ages to come up with those.

    What I learned though is that you and I have a lot in common. πŸ™‚

    • Well, if I’m honest, I cheated. You know. Lazy. I read everyone elses fifty points and thought, well, if I were to think of a similiar fact about myself, what would it be? Sometimes I thought of nothing but other times two ideas sprang out of one. I found my list this way, I also gave myself a couple of days to form the list because things came to me as I went about life. Otherwise I would have drawn a blank too. πŸ˜€

  3. I don’t switch up words in sentences but I do have really long pauses. I often forget where I was going with a sentence and then have to think really hard to remember. That sneezing after food going down the wrong tube is interesting, Not sure I’ve ever had that happen to me. Pretty fun list all around!

    • Thanks very much! I recently told my husband I had an osteopoint apathment. I think that’s my best one yet. I also long-pause in sentences, I’m usually unable to think of the word. My husband’s taken to inserting random, ridiculous words, like giraffe or hommus. This obviously makes it even harder to think of the word. Sneezing after a coughing fit is a family trait, both my mother and grandmother shared that one with me.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, and for the follow. πŸ™‚

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