F is for Faux

I’ve noticed there’s an A-Z Challenge for the month of April and most of those participating are already up to F. Or G.

True to form – I’m late to the party. Gifted with procrastination skills, I’ve spent much time wondering if I should join in.

I’m not going to make it now, but rather than failing I’m going to fake it – make up my own rules and pretend this was my intention all along. I may extend the challenge beyond April or I may lose interest before the letter Q. I may blog random posts in between or I may start with the letter K so you won’t know where I’m heading next.

Feel the anticipation!


Except I’m a control freak (and Virgo) so only alphabetical order will do.

Anyway, I’ll be calling this:

Wally’s A-Z of Knick-knacks

I should have 26 – let’s see if I can conjure a tale or two.


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