Losing Light

The days are getting shorter.

Oddly, as I continue to follow the lives of many who inhabit more northern parts of this globe, I’m sent images of spring – new growth, daffodils and blooms, blue skies and sunny days. Spring does indeed put a spring in one’s step – new optimism, longer days and more light.

Here, as autumn pulls us towards winter, we are drawn into its moodiness. The blinds are drawn earlier and the sun sleeps in.  I love winter, but I do miss the light. This will be even more evident tomorrow as we wind our clocks back.

My niece is finding the whole daylight-saving thing confusing. I remember when I was her age I asked Dad about it and whether time was a human construct. Of course, I wasn’t that articulate and consequently Dad drew me a complex map of the solar system, and how the Earth moved around the sun.

I think I might call it Daylight Sharing.

Here you go, Northern Hemisphere.

It’s your turn now.



3 thoughts on “Losing Light

  1. The whole daylight savings thing – goodness, I think it should all be scrapped. As though anyone could get 25 hours out of a 24 hour day! LOL

    Autumn is a lovely time of year, though. 🙂 It and Spring are my favorites.

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