Forty Reasons to be Cheerful


  1. Love
  2. Friends
  3. Family
  4. Books
  5. Music
  6. Freedom
  7. Contentment
  8. Snow
  9. Sunshine
  10. Leaves
  11. Kindness
  12. Cuteness
  13. Art
  14. Creativity
  15. Writing
  16. Smiles
  17. Laughter
  18. Pillows
  19. Silly Socks
  20. Respect
  21. Writing with your favourite pen
  22. Experience
  23. Sharing
  24. Discovery
  25. Pets
  26. Colour
  27. Eccentricity
  28. Giving
  29. Letters
  30. Sonder
  31. Connections
  32. Compassion
  33. Lighthouses
  34. Rivers
  35. Moonlight
  36. Sanctuary
  37. Hugs
  38. Wood-fires
  39. Cosy
  40. Gratitude

Post inspired by Graeme Koehne, and his fanfare, ‘Forty Reasons to be Cheerful’.

NB: There are more than forty reasons.


11 thoughts on “Forty Reasons to be Cheerful

    • Have a few faves, because I’m a stationary nut. Particularly like a proper fine nibbed ink pen (like a Sharpie) and for a regular Biro-type pen, I opt for 0.7 gauge nib.
      Bet you weren’t expecting that kind of detail 🙂

      • Love that you give this detail. I’m a fan of Rotring drawing pens. 0.3 or maybe 0.5 for writing. But 0.7 is great for doodles. But still a sucker for old fashioned fountain pen like I had in school.

      • Fountain pens at school? Like refillable ones sans inkwell? Very schmancy! I have a traditional fountain pen I bought for calligraphy but find them quite scratchy.

      • I admit, I’ve never tried any other kind of fountain pen, apart from the scratchy-type (which I shall remedy!). I can’t believe you had them at school!

      • Okay, I confess, I saw “silly socks” up there and wondered exactly how you defined silly socks. 😀 Color and moonlight look pretty intriguing, too – well, they are particular favorites of mine as well. 🙂

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