A Little Love

I feel the need to write a Valentine’s Day post. Not sure why, because I pretty much believe Valentine’s Day is commercially exploited to make people believe love is proven by a trinket.

For an optimist, I can be such a cynic.

For a collector, I can be such a hypocrite.

A recap of my thoughts on Valentine’s Day can be found here – Can’t Buy Me Love and Socks and Underpants.


My absolute favourite things my husband has given me often reflect how well he knows me. One year for my birthday, he gave me this card:


On the inside it says,

‘Celebrate like someone forgot to lock the gate’

Underneath that, he wrote:

‘Some may say the gate has been unlocked for some time.’


Happy Love Day.


7 thoughts on “A Little Love

  1. I may write a post a little later. I love Heart Day (Love Day). It is totally commercialized and like all the other holidays the meaning often lost in the shuffle. But I love the idea of celebrating love, however you choose to do it, and however often you choose to do it. We celebrate it daily. I suspect you do as well. 🙂

      • I understand that completely, and felt it in three parts. First the image – yes, that feels right. Then the caption – yes, we’re mostly there. Then the addendum – the missing piece. It’s a wildly gorgeous picture, when put together, and an oddly beautiful one even in pieces.

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