Two days ago, I began a whole different post.

It was about failure and resolutions for a year we’ve now lost. Failed resolutions. I didn’t intend to fail, but then, I didn’t make any real effort to win so technically, failure was assured. Actually, that’s not even technical, that’s logical and I cannot (or should not) lament something I chose.

After Nano Poblemo, I said I would blog more. I haven’t, yet, and I’m not sure why I feel guilty about it. It’s crazy because I’m creating failures for myself.

So, it seems that this post too, is about failure.

It is.

And it isn’t.

Nano Poblano was a resolution. Not one timed with the New Year but one that came at the eleventh hour on the last day of October. I’d procrastinated. I’d thought about it for days previously before I finally committed to it. And then I did it – I blogged everyday for a month.

I won.

I set myself some resolutions for 2015. None of them were unreasonable or unrealistic but I didn’t take them on. I wondered how they were any different from my Nano Poblano challenge.

They weren’t different. Except, there was this little part of my brain that believed I could write a blog post everyday.

I believed.

This post was going to be about lots of things. Instead of resolutions, I’m going to focus on believing.

Happy New Year, my friends.

Whatever you do in 2016, be your best.


13 thoughts on “Believing

  1. I guess that’s why there are so many trinkets with the word (Believe) inscribed. I think that when we are thinking of resolutions our brains flirt with the wondrous-nous of making something happen, but perhaps there’s a little part of our brains that know from the get go we’re not taking it on. I myself have failed to take on many things for fear of failure even though they sounded totally plausible and doable. Fear of failure or the perception of failure can be paralyzing. I was proud of myself for Nano Poblano this year, it went way better than last year for me. I am hoping for a post later today from myself. lol but we’ll see how I feel after a hell fire shift in the restaurant. stay tuned. 🙂

    • I was proud of myself for Nano Poblano too. It taught me a lot about myself and what I can achieve when I believe I can. It’s perhaps stupidly obvious but a kind of liberating realisation. Fear of failure is my greatest fear which is tightly bonded to not wishing to disappoint people. Of course, my disappointment-meter is out of wack and everything reads too high. Even stuff that only effects me. Habits of a lifetime. Look forward to reading your post, whenever it happens 😉

  2. oh and there’s also laziness. I was raised that laziness is a fate worse than death, but I have found in my adult life I am very particular about what is actually worth my energy. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. 🙂

    • Well, laziness is a relative term and some things are more important to people than others. For example, my friend irons EVERYTHING – I tend to stretch my clothes out on the line and/or avoid clothes that crease. I rarely decide something needs ironing while my friend irons tea towels and pillow cases without thought.

      Laziness can be an unfair word because it implies you’re lounging around while everyone else works around you. We’re not lazy, we’re discerning – life is too short and there are so many other things worthy of our time 🙂

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