Safety in Numbers

A list-post. One of my own invention.

“Things I have in unexpected quantities”

It’s not that I intend to collect things, but sometimes I find myself gravitating towards similar objects. They’re accidental collections. They are things I have many of and it’s, shall we say, unusual.

We’re not talking dinner sets here. Or napkins. Or chairs. Or bowls. Or cushions. Or socks. We are talking normal things at crazy, random levels.

Like these:

  • A bowl of billiard balls. Several sets of them, all together. I do not own a billiard table.
  • Dice. Many, many dice.
  • I lost count at 50+ dog ornaments. Keeping in mind, some of these are in miniature.
  • I also have similar levels of cat ornaments (some of these in miniature).
  • Ornaments (often animals, sometimes figures, sometimes vases).
  • Things in miniature (often animals, sometimes figures).
  • Pictures. My walls are covered in pictures. And I have places where many lean against walls where they hope to be placed. I am hopeful of this myself. I also have a staggering number of frames I intend to restore,ย  an equal number that require pictures and some that need glass.
  • String lights. I have four sets now. I seem to buy a set a year from a market as people clear their Christmas clutter and I make it.
  • Candle holders, like those you may associate with ol’ nimble Jack. I find their form aesthetic and who knows why. I don’t use them, but if there’s a blackout, I’m sorted.
  • 4 Bibles, 4 prayer books, 2 hymn books, 2 sets of rosary beads. It’s not that I’m especially religious, but I love objects with meaning. Those that are touched and loved and used.
  • Book ends. I love books, so perhaps this isn’t that strange.
  • Doll’s heads. I’ve never been into dolls, but seem to want to ‘help’ those missing pieces of themselves.
  • Salt and pepper shakers. Often kitsch in style. My aunt helped me to appreciate these quirky objects.
  • Old stationary objects like typewriters, inkwells, rubber stamps and propelling pencils. [Now, who thought for a moment, I was talking about things that don’t move?]
  • Things that are green. Seriously. My liking of objects can be entirely dependent upon this. I often have a conversation with my mum that goes along the lines ofย  ‘Oooh, I like that.”ย  and Mum’s all unsurprised, ‘Well, it’s green, isn’t it’.
  • I hoard sewing stuff and stationary and fabric. Because you just never know when it will come in handy. Some of it may be useful when I’m aged 93.
  • Glass domes.
  • Hour glasses.

Better stop. I keep thinking of things to add. I’ll probably think of another five more as I drop to sleep tonight.

Anything you have in crazy quantities?

nanopoblano2015darkDay 29 of Nano Poblano!

[That’s Ra’s version of NaBloPoMo]

One day left!



8 thoughts on “Safety in Numbers

  1. I use to have a set of paper bags… you know from various stores. The pretty ones. They sat in a drawer when I was in my late teens. I think I threw them out even before I moved out. I now have quite a few colanders most of which get used and I have a fairly grand assortment of resealable containers also most of which get used. I try really hard not to hold onto stuff that isn’t used regularly. We have been de-cluttering now for years and I am very impressed at how far we have come. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like snowmen and I have a large set of figurines that my wife has painted for me. I love them and I look at them on the shelf every day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Your snowmen sounds sweet!

      I’m sure I will hit a de-clutter point at some time. Oddly, for all my hoarding tendencies, I don’t consider myself a materialist because I don’t expect ‘things’ to make me happy. I’m certainly a sentimentalist for objects and their stories and the journey of discovery brings me joy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Now that I’ve adopted a minimalist attitude, WAY less collections than I used to have. Here is what remains: Flower pots of all shapes and sizes. Vintage dishware I use to make birdfeeders (along with wire, beads, and old forks and spoons for hanging. I do have a ridiculous amount of note cards. However, there’s a very valid excuse for that: my mom takes photos of her art work and turns them into note cards. I love them and hate giving them away. Soon I will make 1 collection of each of her pieces and put them aside for safe keeping. Then I can use the rest to write on and give away (um, who writes notes anymore? ME.) I guess I also have a ridiculous amount of candles; however, now that I’m on my own, I’m burning them at an alarming rate. Soon I’ll have to actually buy more! lol

    • I still write notes and sometimes letters. Who doesn’t like to get mail!? I also have a very large collection of cards for writing and sending to family and friends. I LOVE a beautiful card and buy them when I see them, I only ever send cards to people who I know will love them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      [I changed your typo because you asked me to, but I usually leave them. You shouldn’t have let it worry you! Mistakes I’ve made myself in comments really used to bother me, so much so, I’d cut and paste every tweet and comment I wrote into a spell checker But it’s a crazy-slow way to try and write in the moment! My own typos still make me cringe, but I realise the only person they’re really bothering is me! When I come across someone else’s typo, I just feel happy to know we all do it! Also once, I made a typo in a comment on Ra’s blog, I made another comment to ask her to change it and I made a mistake in that too. Forcing me to make a third comment admitting defeat. Ra thought it was so funny, she didn’t change any of it!]

      • LOL! Ok, usually I don’t worry about it, but that was obviously a changed sentence that I didn’t pay attention to properly. I hate my own typos, and truthfully, if a book is full of them, I can’t read it! Comments don’t bother me so much. ๐Ÿ™‚

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