20151122_195835 (2)Opposite to a normal Sunday, we had a stall. We sold things rather than bought them. Though, I might have wandered, and I might have also bought things, but generally, we sold things.

I bought another picture, sans Hitler, This one was an oil painting, circa 1900, with a European-ish lake and a boat. Unsigned. It’s fairly generic, warped and cracked and I intend to reuse the beautifully simple frame and hide the original picture behind the new one.

20151122_195753I also bought a doll,

I liked Barbie as a child, but never took to dolls generally – I gravitated more towards things that were squishy and huggable. In recent years, I’ve collected a few dolls, mostly in pieces, usually broken, and/or unloved – but their face. I can’t walk past their face. Unlike Barbie, they’re often hand painted and unique.

This one is a little like Téa Leoni, and now that I’ve viewed her this way, she will be nothing else.

What draws you to objects?

nanopoblano2015darkDay 22 of Nano Poblano! That is, Ra’s version of NaBloPoMo.

We’re posting everyday in the month of November!

When I say ‘we’ I mean these awesome folk.


5 thoughts on “Marketeer

    • 😀 This is great! I love miniature things too, they slot in a little too easily around things I already have! Practical stuff is always a winner and for me, if it is authentic and handmade it doesn’t necessarily have to be rare – I just have to like it!
      I have such a strange array of oddments. Someone I’ve come to know through my marketing said recently they’d love to see my house because I buy such a mixture of stuff. I think they’d be underwhelmed! 🙂

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