So the Bees Swarm

Today, I feel really mean.

I don’t believe it can be helped and it’s not anyone’s fault  – just circumstance and practicality. But I feel mean and cruel and sad because on Friday, I killed a lot of bees.

I like bees. I like honey. I’m quite happy for them to do their bee-thing. So much so, they’ve been in our chimney for the last twelve years. We actually bought the house with the bees though it wasn’t a selling point the realtor mentioned. We’ve never used the fireplace and the previous owners didn’t either, and the bees could be bees while I dreamed of a glass chimney so I could marvel at their architecture, and a tap, so I could sample their produce.

But, we received a complaint from the council (ie. a neighbour complained to the council) and while we vaguely attempted to deal with it, the bees never left. As we didn’t get another complaint we kind-of let the problem, uh, grow.

We have two chimneys. We think they may have out-grown our first and sought a second. Which is fine, except it’s on the low side of the house and a little more in-your-face, and my mother is severely allergic to bees and they might have found a way into our house.

But apart from that, it’s great! *smiles manically*

So, I called a specialist to deal with the bees and he did. He was really nice actually. We nanopoblano2015darkmutually felt sad for them and we dreamed of glass chimneys and honey-taps.

Today, we saw bees swarming around our neighbour’s house and I’m not sure we achieved anything.

Suggestion for the bees:  Build a hive in a tree like normal bees or find a apiarist, they’ll love you.


6 thoughts on “So the Bees Swarm

  1. They’ll probably only rest at your neighbours for a day or two while the scouts find somewhere suitable.

    But then, they seem to like chimneys.
    Did you know there’s a hive now where you do literally turn on the Tap to collect honey.

    • It’s a real shame we couldn’t move them. We would have if they were in a tree or something. We contacted a bee-keeper and they cannot remove them from chimneys. They whole thing was horrible, and I hope there isn’t a next time! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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