Free* Conditions Apply


It’s such a strange and complex word for something so small and oddly similar to Fee.

Banker: Let’s talk about fees…

Client: How about I give you an ‘R’.

It looks weird too, especially if you stare at it for ten minutes while you  try to write a blog post but your brain has gone off track with random bank scenarios.


I wonder sometimes, if we use the term ‘free‘ too freely. I wonder if we forget what it means.

To be clear, I’m not really talking about the free that is freedom. That is far too deep for Day 7 of Nano Poblano.

*deletes extensive brain tangent about the price some people pay for freedom*

This world offers us heaps of awesome, wondrous stuff that is free. Air is free, nature is free, clouds are free, the sky, water, rivers and wildlife are free, but only while we care for our surroundings.

Catalogues are not free. They cost money to print and the fancier they are, the more they cost to print. Consumers pay for this. We pay for gimmicks and any kind marketing when we buy the company’s products. We pay for ‘free gifts’ in the things we purchase to acquire them because businesses have to cover their costs.  Buying two brocolli to get another free is only free is you can eat three brocolli before you need to compost them.

Maybe I’m just cynical.

Free gifts are called presents, or donations or charity. If you love the ‘free gift’ or bonus thingywhatsit you get when you buy and you’re there for the ride – that’s great.

But it not free – it’s free*

*Conditions apply


19 thoughts on “Free* Conditions Apply

    • Some people love the catalogues, love the free* gifts and love the shopping ‘game’ fully aware it’s not actually free but they’re happy to be sucked in. Other times, I’m shocked when I stand beside someone in a department store and they’re marvelling at the ‘amazing free* deal’, believing it is free and the department store are doing them some kind of favour!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! 😀

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  2. Great post. I found you in rarasaur’s Peck of Crated Peppers! Great post, and I agree, nothing is free. Sometimes even nature’s wonders are not free. How many people pay for bottled water, or water rights in farming areas? And air is now sold as cans of pressurized air, air pouches for shipping packages, and air for your tires. Crazy world!

    • Crazy, awesome, scary world! Thank goodness us Tiny Peppers are here to try and make sense of it all (or not!). Thank you for calling by, Rarasaur is a gem, is she not? I mean, Peck of Crated Peppers is simply brilliant. 😀

  3. Very true but we like to ignore that little voice in our heads telling us that that ‘free gift’ isn’t free because we all love getting (supposedly) free stuff! :p


    • Man, I feel so cynical! That little voice in my head doesn’t shut up. It adds comments like, “Geez, imagine how much they’ve over-charging you if they can afford to give you that?” and, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if they just reduced all their prices instead of giving away stuff you don’t want, and if you did want it, then you could buy it.”
      [Unless, you actually want the free thing, which is totally benefical and sometimes happens]
      There is something quite wrong with me. 😀
      Thanks N. for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      • We’re all cynical from time to time but stores rely on the idea that in the end the promise of free stuff almost always entices people to spend money! :p sad but true

  4. Rarsaur sent me here. 🙂 We can free ourselves from a lot. Freeing ourselves from prejudice is part of building true happiness, a better world.
    Having a compost pile is freeing to me because what I throw there is not totally wasted.

    • Jealousy is also a very healthy thing to free oneself from. I’m also a believer in composting, it’s a much better option!
      Thank you for stopping by via the magic of Rarasaur. Do call again. 🙂

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