Dear Friend,

It’s been a while since we last spoke. I hope you and yours are well. I hope you are happy.

I guess I wanted to say ‘hi’. I thought of us the other day and how we were as children. We’d  be called BFFs now. How much time did we spend growing up together? Remember how much we laughed? Remember when you got car sick and threw up in my parent’s car? I thought we would be forever friends, I thought we’d be bridemaids at each other’s weddings. But Time. It passed us by, it pushed us to different schools and different people. Maybe we weren’t as similar as I’d thought, maybe we were friends for as long as we needed to be. I tried to maintain contact but I felt your indifference and let you go.

I saw you once, when we were seventeen. You were the same but painted in makeup, blue eye shadow and black maskara. We said ‘hello’ and ‘good bye’ with one look. Silence always was your favourite conversation.

That was near twenty years ago now.

I really just wanted to say ‘hi’. If I’ve upset you somehow, I’m sorry. If I’ve done something to anger you, I’m sorry. I’m not expecting us to be BFFs. I’m not expecting us to meet for coffee or for the last twenty years to dissolve and we throw our arms around each other like it’s not weird.

It’s Time. Time and life. We’ve moved on, we are different people. You haven’t nanopoblano2015darkupset me. I’m not angry.

But, I don’t understand. After twenty odd years of wisdom, why did you blank me at the supermarket?

Silence always was your favourite conversation.

Take care, old friend.


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