Spinskees and Happiness

Spinkees are spiders. I have this desire to cute-speak everything – even things that creep me out. I remember being newly engaged to my husband and as I waved my parents away from the house, I turned to face a spider.

‘Eek! Spinskee!’

‘Did you just say “spinskee”?’

‘Uh oh.’

I’d like to say he was surprised but in reality he grinned all-knowingly, with eyebrows raised. Perhaps he didn’t know I called them spinskees, but he knew might. He knew I would.

Some months later,  I text him:

‘There’s a spinskee on the loose in the house!’

It was a huntsman. They’re quite gentle but large spiders and I believed it could wait for capture-and-release when he got home. I believed that until it disappeared.

The only thing worse than a spider in the house is a missing spider and after moving serveral pieces of furniture I found it behind a bookcase. By the time my husband arrived home, I had it secured by a fishbowl vase and fixed against the wall with books. I’d completely rearranged the house around the spider.

After marriage and our own home, one evening, I took a bath. I pulled the face-washer from the edge of the bath, dunked it in the water and ran it up my leg. A spider crawled out.

I squealed and flung the face-washer to one end of the bath while I cowered at the other. Now, I’m not completely useless with spiders. When I know they’re there I can handle them, I just struggle when they surprise me. So as a moment passed, I wondered how I would deal with the spider that now emerged leg by leg onto the floating face-washer. I could hear my mother’s wisdom, ‘It’s as scared as you are.’

I relaxed a little.nanopoblano2015dark

My husband appeared, ‘Are you alright?’

‘Yeah, there’s a spinskee.’ I paused, ‘Did you hear me squeal?’

He nodded.

‘Did you wait for a commercial before you came?’

His eyes went wide and panicked, ‘Mayyyybe.’


7 thoughts on “Spinskees and Happiness

  1. Haha! Oh gosh. A whole commercial… it could have been a rare breed of Super Villain Spinkees! 🙂 I like cute-speak. I still say “Mo-mos” instead of “almost”… Dave got used to it eventually. 😀

  2. Hi, just visiting from NanoPoblano and have been enjoying your recent posts, so much, I followed! I like the cute word for spider! I like spiders, and always catch and release outside. My 2 year old grand-daughter has a cute word for them… Spidoo 🙂 Best of luck with the blog! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Glad you’ve had a little rummage around my blog. I have a HUGE respect for spiders, but I couldn’t say I like or love them! It’s not their fault I find them creepy (and/or deadly), so I tend to catch and release too! Spidoo is such a cute word – children are sometimes best at cute-speak.
      Thanks for the well wishes and the follow! 😀

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