skipRarasaur is so full of enticing challenges I can rarely keep up!

This one is a list, an ever growing list of things that remind me of who I truly am.

  1. Leaves
  2. Stripy socks
  3. Puppets and muppets
  4. Small things that fit in your palm
  5. Wallyism
  6. Autumn
  7. Storms
  8. Jonquils
  9. Pictures
  10. Organisation
  11. Alphabetical order (and the temptation to order this list accordingly)
  12. Cat whiskers
  13. Cat peets (paws+feet)
  14. Word invention
  15. Standing in the rain
  16. Over thinking
  17. Skimming stones
  18. The tortoise, not the hare
  19. Making something from nothing
  20. The beauty of imperfection
  21. Incidental Music
  22. Stationary
  23. Paper and Parchment
  24. Pencils, pens and paints
  25. The history of objects
  26. Collecting/hoarding
  27. Churches
  28. Dogs and cats
  29. Handwritten Letters
  30. Joy hidden in the mundane
  31. Libraries
  32. Words
  33. Procrastination
  34. Half finished projects
  35. Graveyards
  36. Skipping
  37. Pianos
  38. Cartoons and animations
  39. Clocks
  40. An open fire
  41. Window seats
  42. Markets
  43. Cinnamon
  44. Happy hands
  45. Green and ochre
  46. Old books
  47. Attic rooms
  48. Stars
  49. Feathers

Anything I’ve missed? Anything you relate to?


5 thoughts on “Skipping

    • Then, as the fable goes, you shouldn’t be winning quite so many races! Though, I suspect you don’t think that you are.

      Still not sure about your suggestion of the ‘unbroken geode’. I LOVE it. I LOVE the imagery and I’d LOVE that to represent me, but I never would have thought of it myself, so it doesn’t feel like it’s mine to claim. Perhaps it would be better on a list about how others perceive me 🙂

      Also, I love how you spin and I skip. 😀

      • That should be another SKIP prompt! “What reminds others of who you are to them?” (Erm, I’d work on the grammar first, though.) There are so many things people associate with me that I only fleetingly see. Things move fluidly from one list to another, though.

        As to winning the races, no, I really don’t think I’ve won (or finished) a single race in a million years… but I’ve met a lot of tortoises and I have a good deal of faith that they’ll get to the end and tell me all about the wondrous things there… as I race and spin along. 🙂

      • There are many kinds of winning, as there are many kinds of races. It’s the slow and steady I relate not, not winning or finishing. ‘Winning’ would be a word I would put on your list. Perhaps more importantly, we know how to laugh when we lose.

        *skips off into distance*

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