Maybe it’s a strange mantra. I kind of fancy one that’s more about love or creativity but this one speaks to me. It’s been my survival mechanism for many years now.

The important thing is, it mustn’t be misconstrued. I’m not asking myself to imagine the worst things that can possibly happen in any given situation. I’m not wondering if the legs will fall off my chair or my house will fall down or I’ll be abducted by a squirrel with a limp. It sounds like a drastic question, but what it actually offers me is perspective.

I procrastinate. More than I’d like, and probably more than is ‘normal’. I’m procrastinating about writing this blog post. I’ve had the title and the first line written for two weeks. But like anything I undertake have to fight the naysayers in my head. They’re telling me I suck and that this blog post is so badly written I’ll be judged ad infinitum by all who visit here. So I ask myself, what IS the worst that could happen?

I might suck.

I might be judged for it.

And the next question is the important one.

Does that matter?

*posts blog*



  1. You do not suck. This blog post is wonderful. You’re awesome. Seriously. I’m proud of you for writing and posting it. Your words have brought (and continue to bring) so much comfort to me, and I’m sure to many others, and you’re totally not alone.

    *hugest hug in the multiverse*

    (*keeps eye out for limping squirrels*)

  2. I often ask myself this question, Kate, in EVERYTHING that I do! We live in a society that is so quick to judge about every little thing, whether we know about it or not. In the end, you have to face the fear, bolster your courage, and just do it! I’ve been writing a lot for an American Civil War blog lately, and I’ve gotten those few people who rip apart what I say with an inane comment. Of course it hurts, especially when people tear apart the stuff you’ve spent hours on! But, on the other hand, there are a lot of really supportive people out there! Personally, I’d much rather hide under the covers, and let life blindly pass me by, but I know in reality that will never happen and I have to get out of my comfort zone and just get over it. All those negative comments will *hopefully* make me better. Maybe. 😉


    • Gosh, I hadn’t even considered nasty, negative comments! I don’t get much traffic, I don’t put myself out there or blog about anything controversial enough to gain attention from the haters and trolls. Oddly, or not, it’s the people who leave my blog with nothing to say that worry me the most! These are the people who’re probably too polite to give feedback, and it’s these people that I’m wanting to impress – these are the people whose opinions matter to me. The kind and silent majority.

      It is never nice upsetting people, even haters. Ignore those negative comments, what we should listen and learn from is feedback. There’s a really big different between the two. 🙂

  3. Those damn squirrels!
    I just want to add my tuppence worth to the other comments. You are definitely not alone in this. I have huge discussions with myself over whether to go through with somethings or not. (I realise that while talking to yourself is not necessarily bad, answering yourself back probably a sign of madness.) That’s when I haven’t assumed the ostrich position and buried my head in the sand hoping things will pass. I too often ask myself What’s the worst that could happen? You are definitely not alone.
    P.s. I quite like your blog post. I just can’t find the like button on it.

    • Forgot the like button! Thanks for the heads-up. 🙂

      I like to think the ‘what’s the worst that could happen’ mantra is a sign that we care about what we do and how we affect people. It makes talking to myself sound quite sane 😀

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