‘A’ is for Awkward

Recently, I watched a film I’ve wanted to see for a long time – The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I promise there aren’t any spoilers here, but about midway through the film, I peeked a look at the DVD cover. My husband noticed my distraction and I told him I was checking the film’s classification. Before I could give further explanation he asked, ‘To see if it’s rated ‘A’ for Awkward?’.

GNorton Awkward

Yes, Graham. it’s ‘Awkward’

He knows me too well. He knew exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the front cover showed no hint as to whether the awkward would escalate or resolve, so I had to wait it out. As it happened, this film contained mild levels of awkward – I didn’t have to leave the room, but for a moment, I thought I might.

I’ve come to believe this is why I’m drawn to children’s films and books – children’s stuff is safer. I can avoid situations that upset me and if I don’t, I’m still (mostly) assured of a happy ending. I have such empathy for people in awkwardly mortifying situations, that they can trigger an anxiety attack. Even when the source is fictitious. Even when the awkward is under the guise of humour.

Miranda Hart

Yes, like Miranda – many episodes are too awkward for me to stand. All the things that can go wrong for you, will. All the events you wish to avoid, happen. It becomes certain that you’ll be seen doing what you don’t want to be seen doing by the person whose opinion means the most to you. Shows like this are made from awkward and it’s my worst nightmare. I feel the same about shows like Faulty Towers and The Worst Week of My Life. I don’t find the impending or actual humiliation of others funny.

I find it interesting though, that I can ‘love’ past the awkward. I’ve watched enough of Miranda to know I love it (and the gorgeous Miranda Hart). I survived Perks, and I adored the film despite my discomfort. It’s weird how other factors can sway my affection.

‘Awkward’ though only gets one star.

Wallflower Perks


8 thoughts on “‘A’ is for Awkward

  1. I sometimes think children’s books/TV shows have *more* Awkward in them than anything else! But I do get where you’re coming from. I get very invested in the emotional lives of characters, too, whether I’m reading about them or watching them. (And I love Miranda too. She reminds me of me. :))

    • Really? More Awkward in children’s stuff? If that is the case, maybe it’s a type of Awkward I can better tolerate? Or maybe I don’t watch/read enough children’s television/literature afterall! Interesting. 🙂
      Can you remember the last thing you saw on TV where you had to leave the room?

      • Awkward doesn’t really make me have to leave the room; I just squirm in solidarity instead! Violence and cruelty are more likely to make me want to stop watching something. And maybe I’m thinking of things like the awkwardness of first crushes, or being embarrassed in school situations, or having your mum kiss you on the cheek in front of all your mates, or that sort of thing, which crops up regularly in children’s media! I guess that is the sort of Awkward that’s easier to deal with than Miranda’s underpants falling down in public, or whatever! 😀 (Have you ever seen Miranda Hart live? She’s excellent. I recommend it).

  2. Yes, violence and cruelty are exceptional reasons to run away from the television! It makes Awkward appear lame! Now my empathy for awkward, appears awkward. *slowly backs out of room* 😉

    I’d love to see Miranda Hart! *types ‘Miranda Hart Australia’ into Google*
    Meh, no luck, last visit was 2014 with no obvious plans for a return trip. I’ll be keeping an eye out (which is an awesome turn of phrase!)

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