I’m Wondering How Long This Title Can Be Before I’m Cut Off Or Arrested Or Something. Still Going. Gah! I’m Beginning To Think This Can Be As Long As I Want…

I’m struggling with blog posts at the moment. So to turn this negative into a positive, I thought I’d ponder a few reasons why.

The first is, sometimes often I use this blog for thinking. I worry that those thoughts, no matter how tame, will offend someone. I don’t want to offend people, it petrifies me. So I hold back and keep countless half-done posts in drafts. I think, and I over think and I probably I overestimate how much people even care what I think. But still, I really don’t want to offend anyone and I guess that feeling dominates.

bam bam comicAnother category is length. I have length standards. I feel like I ought to write an eleven paragraph essay, even if I’m writing about a weird bruise that appeared on top of my finger. It’s the size of a pea and I thought it was an ink smudge but when I rubbed it, it hurt! How do you get a pin-point bruise on your finger and not remember? See? BAM! It’s over, that’s all there is – case in point. The bigger question is, how will you learn of these extraordinary snippets of my life if I set myself a word count? I feel this even though I follow, read and enjoy blogs of all shapes and sizes (although, admittedly, if you’re one of those people who regularly writes a long post and you throw in a short one, I do feel a little disappointed; it’s all over too quickly).

Kind of related to that last point – at times, I take this all too seriously. I seek perfection in how I convey my thoughts, and much like I snob ideas in my fiction writing – I’m a snob here too. I mean, who’d want to hear about the bruise on my finger? But I’ve got to keep reminding myself, it’s not about whether you guys read this or not, it’s about whether I write it.

So, on the note of seriousness. Pixies. Pixies prevent me from writing posts. They’re destructive little critters and they eat my words. No. Wait. That was the dog. No, wait. I don’t have a dog. It was the cat. Ha. Who am I kidding? The cat doesn’t care.


Moving on.

On a dull note, and this will be dull (the pixies aren’t coming back). I do go on about my writerly struggles – a lot. My imposter syndrome, and my lack of writerly self-worth, and the voices of criticism that create my self-doubt. I write about this more than I let you read about it. When I post this type of thing it’s because I need to and all I can do is thank you for listening and understanding. When I don’t, it’s because I have a genuine fear of boring you all with my dull, repetitive  insecurities.

Okay. So we are down to this point. Well done for coming this far. So, here’s a question – can you remember what this post is about? Reminder – I’m listing the reasons why I’m struggling to write blog posts. This point is about procrastination. It should be no surprise as it’s in my blog title, but people dismiss this a little too readily (especially those with an awesome, enviable sense of determination and self-motivation). I don’t exaggerate when I say ‘procrastination is an art form’. When I first told a friend I considered starting a blog, she actually suggested procrastination as my focus. I procrastinate doing things I enjoy doing for fear of screwing them up. Writing is one of them, although at times blog writing is also a tool I use to procrastinate when I’m really trying to write. It’s ever so complex. *dramatically faints with hand against forehead*

When you struggle with blog posts, what’s your excuse?



8 thoughts on “I’m Wondering How Long This Title Can Be Before I’m Cut Off Or Arrested Or Something. Still Going. Gah! I’m Beginning To Think This Can Be As Long As I Want…

    • 😀 Thank you!

      Strangely, and perhaps it’s because I don’t write daily, but it’s unusual for me to not know what I’m going to blog about for the week. I have more trouble pulling my ideas into a coherent form than anything! Also too, there is such an amazing community here, inspiration is never far away.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  1. I struggle with blog posts at least once a week. I curse myself for starting the habit of posting every day, and I’m reduced to searching my blog for keywords to see if I’ve blogged about a certain topic before so that I don’t do the exact same one again. Regularly, I have to dredge my brain for something – *anything* – to write about, and I often feel like I repeat myself or write about boring old tat that nobody else wants to read. It often feels like screaming into a black hole.

    But I write every day (except Sunday – a gal’s gotta take a break once in a while) because I enjoy it and it’s a privilege, and I try to remind myself of that when I feel stuck.

    • It’s completely selfish but I’m glad you post (almost) daily 🙂 Having said that, if you ever choose to cut back, I’d understand! I don’t know how you do it.

      I never find your words to be ‘boring old tat’ either. So keep doing what you’re doing. xx

      • Aw, shucks. *blush* It’s a challenge, and I like to keep rising to it. Does that make sense? It’s like a little mountain climbed every morning before I even start my ‘real’ work. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, even if the rest of the day goes to hell in a handbasket. 😀

  2. This post made me chuckle, but I know how you feel. Sometimes, I can think of an idea for a post, and I don’t know how to get it out, it just is a ramble of words all kind of relating to the topic 😀

    • Oh good! Chuckling is good. 🙂 And I’m glad I’m not alone with my rambling. I frequently start a post with a certain idea in mind and end up with a different post somewhere else entirely.

      Thanks for stopping by 😀

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