Lost and Found – Flash Friday on Saturday

Ok. So I’ve managed a Friday Flash Fiction challenge. It’s been a few weeks but I’m back!

I nearly missed out because Washington DC have shifted their clock back so I thought I had a hour longer than I actually did. Because of that, the version I’ve written here is ever so slightly different from the version I rushed and posted earlier today to meet the deadline.

Here you go:


Creative Commons photo by Kat/Swim Parallel.

Element: A detective

Lost and Found

Harrison glanced over at the bus stop, ‘Let’s go from the beginning.’

Beams flicked back through her notebook, ‘Well, the neighbour saw her leave at 3pm yesterday “looking quite smart”. The bus driver said he dropped her off here at about 5pm with two bags of groceries. They were dumped just here.’ Beams gestured beside the fence line.

Harrison straightened up and squinted into the distance, ‘Where does this field go?’

‘Ends up at Bateman’s Quarry.’

‘Did we search it?’

‘The field, or the quarry?’

‘Either. Both!’

Beams hesitated, ‘We concentrated our search around her route home – wait, Sir!’ she clambered over the fence after Harrison.

‘She went shopping, you say?’

She looked back to her notebook, ‘Pasta, vegetables, dog food, milk, butter, bread – ‘

‘Let’s say she crossed this field.’ he turned to look at Beams, ‘Why?’

Beams grappled with a decent idea.

‘What would be so important?’

Then she heard it bark.


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