A Poetic Post

I’m here. I’m back! It’s been nearly a fortnight since my last post. Sorry about that. Life and work are dragging me away from this little space.

Since I last posted I lost a dear mechanical friend. So I wrote a poem.

[Warning: Contains bad rhyme.]

Ode To My First Car

There was a time I thought we’d never meet,
I felt safer on buses and walking the street.
Chauffeured beyond the age of twenty,
‘Til I gained my licence and saved every penny.

I scoured the country on a car-sourcing caper,
I waited three months and saw this the paper –
‘Five years old’ and ‘low ks’, the advertisement said,
‘A five door hatch in fire-engine red’.

As soon as I saw you, I felt instant delight,
I bargained the price but knew you were right.
You were perfect for long trips, or jaunts to the shop,
And over the years I added ks to your clock.

You obligingly carried me to where I was heading,
You took me to markets and my own wedding.
I had all the liberty a car could enable –
The freedom to roam without a timetable.

You were made before Bluetooth and at the advent of the internet,
You were made after CDs, but you still had a tape-deck.
I thought you were perfect, with nothing to deplore,
(Except for airbags, where you could’ve used more).

You weren’t large with a sun-roof, or sporty with mag wheels,
You were basic and zippy and matched my ideals.
I tried not to notice the signs that foretold,
Your days were numbered – you were getting old.

You’d begun to gurgle and your red paint had paled,
You coughed on cold mornings and your clutch failed.
You started to shudder on a 100k road,
And my heart ached the day you were towed.

When the mechanic said you’d served your purpose,
I made enquiries and you were practically worthless.
Except for those years when we utilised my licence,
And created memories that were incredibly priceless.

It seemed unfair it should be this way,
That I should upgrade and someone takes you away.
It wasn’t a simple matter of dependency,
It contradicted my hoarding tendency.

But although we are now forever parted,
I was delighted to have you while you lasted.
Without fanfare or celebration, this is a humble end,
For the years I called you my mechanical friend.




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