Liebster Award – Part 2

Did you know Ashley nominated me for the Liebster Award? Awesome, right? She asked me some questions and you can find those here.

At about the same time, it was Christmas and holidays and I spent time with family and we gave gifts and hugs and experienced much merriment. But I have not yet handed the Liebster baton onwards to other worthy blogging folk. Did you know ‘Liebster’ means ‘favourite’ in German?

As per the rules, here is the award:


The lovely thing about this award that it is for those who have under 200 followers.

*glances around to see if anyone is watching*

This is a rule I’m about to break. Shhhh!

Here are my favourite blogs with under 200 followers:

Gwendolyn at Apprentice Never Master

Elizabeth Rose Murray at Green-Fingered Writer

Margaret Grant at Mags Offleash

And here are my favourites with under 300 followers and also deserve more:

Tiny Hippo (and company) at Meanderings Abound because it really is full of cuteness and lovely photography.

Sinéad at SJ O’Hart because she’s clever and writerly and deserves all the internet hugs in the world.

Here are my questions:

Name a television program that makes you laugh. Who is your favourite comedian?

Tell me about the worst film you have ever seen.

What animal do you feel most connected to?

What would be your superpower of choice?

Name a little moment in time that brings you joy (for example, I love it when the best before date on perishables matches my birthday).

What is the oddest object you own?

Name a celebrity you’d like to meet for a coffee (or beverage of your choice) because you believe you would get along well.

Tell me about a moment in your life that has made you unexpectedly emotional.

There are no obligations to participate for those I have nominated – as long as you guys know you’re all amazing.

Happy New Year and happy blogging my friends.


6 thoughts on “Liebster Award – Part 2

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  2. Thank you, Kate – I’m very appreciative of the gesture (and thanks for breaking the rules on my behalf! :D) I did my best to ‘pay it forward’ in today’s blog post, so here’s hoping I didn’t muck it up too much. Happy New Year. xx

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