Affinity and Beyond

I’ve always liked the word ‘affinity’. There’s a lot of depth entwined within that one word – that emotional connection with something stretching beyond mere personal preference.

Often your affinity for certain items is strong enough for friends or family to recognise it and say things like “that is very you“. When my husband raises his eyebrows at the sight of something I’ve saved from the market it’s resignation bordering on disapproval – he’s definitely not surprised by my choice.

As a self-confessed hoarder, I’ve mentioned before how I like to collect stuff and while I claim to collect nothing more specific than things I like, I admit certain patterns are emerging. I have a lot of pre-1950s porcelain dog ornaments, a few dolls’ heads and several small teddy bears. Clocks, plenty of clocks but only a couple work and tell the correct time. It took a house guest to point out my three (quite different) depictions of Montmartre, Paris – the conversation began with, “Have you been to Montmartre?” and I replied, “No, why d’you ask?”.


Image: Jack Hood

I’m more mouse than lion. I feel more dog than cat (although, I love them both). I’m more cottage than palace and a meadow of poppies than a garden of roses. More bumble bee than dolphin (or any other aquatic animal for that matter). I love the colour green, but feel more like a deep teal blue.  Autumn is my season, autumnal are my colours and leaves (actual, painted or ornamental) also feature highly among my objects. Red rooves and chimneys. Feathers. Notebooks. Christmas trees. The number 11. How did these become me?

*insert nature versus nurture debate*

I’ve been browsing other blogs, looking at the pictures in headers and examining blog identities and Twitter pages and I find it interesting how other bloggers see themselves and what they think ‘represents’ them. From a goldfish to a dinosaur to clocks. Why did I chose my blog header? Why do I feel that reflects me?

What do you inexplicably connect with? Where do your affinities lie?


5 thoughts on “Affinity and Beyond

  1. What a brilliant question! My affinities are many and wide-ranging, and largely inexplicable. I am drawn to the Carcassone region of France, for no reason. I love the colour purple, and always have. I am a homebird, a warm-by-the-fire type, drawn to solitude or the company of a very treasured few. I am more windy seashore than quiet forest. I am drawn to high places despite being afraid of them. I am fascinated by time, and how it flows. Sometimes I feel like I have existed on this earth before. I also love the autumn and the winter – I love darkness, and cool days, and changing light and colour. I love elephants and have a small collection of elephant figurines. What complex and wonderful creatures we are. 🙂

    • Curious isn’t it?

      I love your affinities, thanks for sharing them. I couldn’t decide between the ‘windy seashore’ and the ‘quiet forest’ – both have a place in my heart. My mother shares your affinity for elephants. I wonder if that would be your patronus… 😉

      • I love quiet forests, too – I just think I’m drawn more to the idea of windy seashores. I also love the North of the world – icy wastes, Northern Lights, emptiness – and I don’t know what that says about me.

        The elephant would *definitely* be my patronus. Awesome idea. 😀

  2. I love this post. It says so much about you, just from sharing your loves. Obviously, I have an affinity for dinosaurs– more so because it grew on me rather than came to me naturally. I love green, and saffron, but I am drawn more to grey. I love the moon and abandoned buildings– the city, and the nighttime, and mathematical oddities. I like people who know what they love or like, or at least sense that there are things that are “them” and things that are not. Beautiful post, Kate. 😀

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own affinities – I really find them fascinating and (as you say) how much they actually *do* convey about someone. I keep thinking of more, so there might be another blog post on this topic! 🙂

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