So This Is Christmas

Too soon?

On Thursday, I bought a Christmas tree and I was so excited, I put it up. I KNOW! I’m only a week earlier than normal, which in some people’s minds in still too early. What’s the point of putting it up the week before Christmas – you need time to enjoy and admire it!

In my family, we’ve only ever had a plastic tree and it’s probably one of the few objects I can think of that isn’t lessened by the word ‘fake’ – those trees hold a lot of memories. We had a second-hand tree growing up from the 50s and each limb was numbered and inserted into the ‘trunk’. We’d spend a whole day putting it together and covering it with decorations we’d made at school.

A Christmas tree was also one of the first things I bought for my future home. Christmas tree assembly had progressed significantly by this time to a 3-piece click-together and fall open design. My first year married, I had this conversation with my beloved:

Me: I get to put up the Christmas tree!
Husband: Shame we don’t have one.
Me: Yes, we do!
Husband: We do?
Me: Of course, I bought it years ago.
Husband: *mutters to self* Why am I surprised…

My first Christmas tree has since suffered the toll of too many years in a sunny window. For the last few Christmases progressively larger pieces have been breaking off. Last year a whole limb came away in my hands – I had to shove it back in, prop it up with other limbs and hide it in the corner. So last Thursday – new Christmas tree! My mum’s as nutty about Christmas as I am, so I convinced her to come with me as an extra pair of hands. Unfortunately, I bought the tree from a fairly inaccessible store, and while I parked as close as I could, we were still forced to walk the boxed tree a couple of blocks. I’ve decided that everyone, at sometime in their lives should buy a Christmas tree and lug it through town. People smile at you and make cheerful comments. Some even wish you a merry Christmas.

I exasperate most of my family with my Christmas enthusiasm. There’s a lot to love about Christmas. Whatever your religious beliefs, an event that brings together the people I love is good. For me, it’s about family.

I’m also irritatingly organised. I plan for Christmas all year. Giving people presents brings me a lot of joy – buy it, make it, spend heaps, spend a dollar – it really is the thought that counts. The only thing I like as much as giving presents is wrapping them. I usually have that done well in advance of Christmas too, I colour co-ordinate paper and ribbons and decorations.

I’m possibly far too chipper about Christmas so if you’re currently nashing your teeth together and mentally composing some hate-mail, please, put it in a Christmas card.

*Wanders off to wrap something*


2 thoughts on “So This Is Christmas

  1. I love your Christmas enthusiasm. One of my best friends is exactly the same, and I love it about her, too. I think, however, that it’s hilarious to hear about a plastic Christmas tree starting to fade and break from being in the sun too long… to a Northern Hemisphere dweller, this just sounds too weird for words. 🙂 Also, carrying a Christmas tree through streets and streets sounds like fun in Australia, but try to do it through two feet of snow – *now* you’re talking.

    Happy Christmas!!! *Jingles Bells*

    • 😀

      Strangely, despite our summer Christmas, the things I strongly associate with Christmas are winter, snow, snowflakes, sleighbells, open fires, robins and mistletoe. That’s how it’s been portrayed to me since I was a child, even Christmas carols are derived mostly from the Northern Hemisphere. On occasion we’ve been known to have a family gathering in July and call it Aus-mas.

      I hope to one day experience a proper snowy Christmas on your side of the world. Even if only to drag a boxed Christmas tree through two feet of snow – I’d give that a go!

      Merry Christmas, to you too, my friend!!! *Deck the Halls*

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