Reminiscing: Wales

A diversion from my regular posts, this is part three of four photographic blog posts covering my trip to the UK and Ireland. Welcome to Wales. We saw a lot of castles.

0884 Llanberis 03

Panorama of Lake at Llanberis

0890 Caernarfon Castle 03

Caernarfon Castle – we climbed those turrets!

0906 Caernarfon Castle 19

Proof we climbed those turrets!

0931 Conwy Castle 16

Conwy Castle.

0927 Conwy Castle 12

View from Conwy Castle

0939 Conwy Castle 24

Fair warning. Turret climbing is dangerous.

0962 Beaumaris Castle 19

Beaumaris Castle’s once palacial centre.

1021 Penrhyn Castle 55

Penrhyn Castle was more a extensive manor house built to resemble a castle. Exquisite building.

1013 Penrhyn Castle 47

Another angle of Penrhyn Castle

0992 Penrhyn Castle 25

Interior at Penrhyn. Yes, it is as extraordinary as it looks.

0998 Penrhyn Castle 32

Dining room. Penrhyn Castle.

1038 Dolbadarn Castle 12

Dolbadarn Castle. All that remains is a small turret.

1366 Harlech Castle 15a

The view from Harlech Castle.

1382 Harlech Castle 31

Interior of Harlech Castle.

1398 Criccieth Castle 04

The view from Criccieth Castle

Still to come… Ireland.


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