Reminiscing: Scotland

The second of my four part travel series of blog posts. This time we’re in Scotland.

[Need to reiterate – if you have just stumbled upon this blog, I don’t normally fill my posts with photographs and I don’t normally talk about travel. Regular readers would know, I don’t normally travel. It turns out though, it was made of magic.]

0511 Kinross Loch Leven 06

Loch Leven, near Kinross, Scotland on an eerie but beautiful evening.

0530 Edinburgh Streets 06

Wee Edinburgh. Lousy weather.

0552 Edinburgh Castle 18

The expansive centre of Edinburgh Castle feels remarkably un-castle-ly. Not sure how I managed to *not* get my shadow in the photo (insert spooky music)

0551 Edinburgh Castle 17

Edinburgh Castle had many museums. This soldier is texting.

0555 Edinburgh Castle 21

View from Edinburgh Castle. A-MAZ-ING

0562 Edinburgh Art Gallery 02

Art lover? Behold the Scottish National Gallery.

0565 Edinburgh Portrait Gallery 01

Scottish National Portrait Gallery. And this is just the foyer.

0580 Drive to Oban 20a

Glencoe, Scotland.

0613 Oban Streets 07a

Oban, Scotland.

0642 Oban Sunset 11

Sunset at Oban.

0683 Mull Iona Tour 11

Caught the ferry to the Islands of Mull and Iona. Those turquoise blue waters are colder than they look, but it was a glorious day.

0704 Mull Iona Tour 31

Iona Abbey

0767 St Conans Kirk 31

St Conan’s Kirk. The picture does not convey the beauty of this building.

0766 St Conans Kirk 30

St Conan’s Kirk with rabbit ‘gargoyles’. Google it into images, it is an extraordinary building built (about 1885) to look much older than its years.

0760 St Conans Kirk 24

Inside St Conan’s Kirk. Really, Google it. My photos aren’t that great.

0793 Inveraray Castle 19

Inveraray Castle. A little weekender.

0778 Inveraray Castle 05

Inveraray Castle. I’d be afraid to breathe in this room.

Next time, Wales…


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