Reminiscing: England

The first of my four part travel series of blog posts. If you have just stumbled upon this blog, I don’t normally fill my posts with photographs and I don’t normally talk about travel. Regular readers would know, I don’t normally travel. It turns out though, when I do, I have an amazing time.

I have too many photos, so I’ll try and control myself and focus on my favourites.

A typical Manchester street scape. Old and new mixed together. We found the cities of this era looked at lot like Australia.

A typical Manchester street scape. Old and new mixed together. We found the cities of this era looked at lot like Australia.

Charming town of Hebden Bridge

Charming town of Hebden Bridge

Cromford Mill buildings. I loved the strange proportion of these buildings. The mill itself (only just visible at the back right of the photo) is undergoing restoration.

0105 Masson Mills 10

A photo from Masson (textile) Mill. I love this spool graveyard.

0167 Haddon Hall 31a

Some pictures need to be in black and white. This is Haddon Hall. Parts of the building date back to the Norman period.

0176 Chesterfield Crooked Spire 02

The Crooked Spire at Chesterfield. It was either bent by the devil or the roof timbers warped. You decide.

0183 York Minster 02blackandwhite

York Minster in black and white. Badly angled photo to try and hide the scaffolding on the left tower. Beautiful cathedral.

0195 York The Shambles 03

The Shambles in York. A city more charming than shambly.

0241 Ripon Cathedral 04

Some of my favourite things were the unexpected ones. Stunning Ripon Cathedral. She’s bigger than she looks.

0287 Drive to Whitby 04

Quite a good photo considering we were on the road. View coming into Whitby. We were blessed with the most extraordinary weather in Yorkshire.

0289 Whitby Abbey 02

The ruins of Whitby Abbey.

0322 NYMR 02ablackandwhite

Stepping back in time to Grosmont Station. We’re in Heartbeat country. Can’t you just smell the coal?

0337 NYMR 17

My little mouse, Stowaway on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

0403 Rievaulx Abbey 12

Stowaway at the spectacular Rievaulx Abbey.

0432 Alnwick Castle 04

Alnwick Castle. The place Harry Potter learnt to fly his broomstick (in the film at least).

0480 Bamburgh Castle 34

Bamburgh is a village centred around a green. Oh, and it has that castle thing over there.

0471 Bamburgh Castle 25

No castle is complete without a bottle-shaped door designed to take a man on a horse. Unlike a rectangular door of the same height that would… WAIT A MINUTE!

0824 Drive over Honister Pass 14

Drive to Honister Pass (in the Lakes District)

0874 Drive to Hawkshead Hill 01

Our last evening in the Lakes District and we caught a snippet of sunshine.

Next time Scotland…


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