Objectivity: Natural Aesthetics

There is beautiful architecture in nature. The shape of shells, the fine threads in feathers and form of leaves. Nature evolved efficient and streamlined design long before we gave it a formula and I’ve always marvelled at it.

Natural objects like leaves and seedpods tend to lack longevity. Leaves and flowers become brittle when pressed or dried and lose their colour intensity. They are designed to decompose and form tiny part in the cycle of life. Subsequently, this is almost my entire collection, apart from a case full of feathers and a bowl full of pinecones.

P8230658From left to right:
Flower sheathes from a magnolia. They have a rough furry texture and remind me of rabbit ears as they tend to split off in pairs.
Feathers! Two at the front (from a rosella) and some in the wooden bowl (rosella and cockatoo).
A bumble bee ‘skeleton’.
A spherical and spiny seed pod.
A tiny bird’s nest with a single blue thread entwined into the structure.
A pressed ginko biloba leaf. I love the form of this ancient tree (Google it), the leaf was once an intense yellow colour.

I don’t collect as many natural objects as I did as a child. I came to understand I prefered rocks in a landscape, water worn pebbles were better off in river beds and shells transformed the seaside into a beach. My interest in biology also made me aware the things I call rocks, pebbles and shells give shelter and protection to other creatures. Even feathers can be used by birds as nesting material, so I always think twice about what I take.


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