Have Love, Will Travel

84aecfecce36376ef6019ba2626a07abFriends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! As in, if you would be so kind as to listen for a moment, not detach your lugs and let me borrow them. Biologically that wouldn’t work. And it’d be weird.

Wow. This post has sunk rapidly.

The point is, I’m going off radar for the next six weeks or so.

Good news: I’m travelling somewhere very nice. *happy face*
Bad news: Blogging time will be short and internet access will be sporadic.
Good news: I’ll schedule some posts for while I’m away.
Bad news: Sorry, I won’t have the opportunity to read your blogs or reply to your comments. *sad face*
Good news: I’m travelling somewhere very nice (it’s worth a second mention).
Bad news: I’m going to miss you guys.

I hear you ask: What blog posts lie ahead?

Well. Regular readers would know I like antique shops, flea markets, car-boot sales, bric-a-brac, knick-knacks and thingymewhatsits. I collect stuff. So I thought I’d start a blog post series called Objectivity and I’ll share some of my favourite objects with you.

I also hear you ask: Where are you going?

You possibly asked that first but I ignored you. Spoilers people. Spoilers. Who would want to read a review on a book I haven’t read? *Contemplates this a moment*

I promise to blog about my travels when I’m home again, but prepare to be underwhelmed, there is *cue sarcasm* nothing as exciting as someone else’s holiday. In the mean time, look after yourselves, be kind and laugh often.

You know, all the things you normally do. I’ll be back soon.

*Group hug*


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