A Rabbit’s Tale

P4120574I think my blog is due for a little light hearted delight, so I’m going to overwhelm you with cuteness. Unable to provide you with sufficient kittens, unicorns and rainbows, I offer you my bunny puppet, Peeko. Yes, I’ve been marketing again (that is, bric-a-brac marketing), stumbling across the unexpected and in this instance – the cute.

He’s a bit of a poser, but it’s no wonder that he’s full of his own self importance – he is state of the art in puppet manufacturing. The truth revealed itself once I read his label:


He has trouble with his limp whiskers, so he’s constantly preening them in an attempt to give them a more sophisticated look, like Poirot. For example.

He wasn’t a giveaway on this occasion, but he was obviously worth every penny. He’s performed at a few family gatherings and is especially skilled at mime, following in the footsteps of his idol, Sooty.

My mum said as she stood up to leave, “We better go before she makes it talk”.

*Contented sigh*

I love how my family just knows me.

Peeko Strip small


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