Some people can hold down two jobs to pay their way through university, earn a doctorate in space-time travel while writing a book and raising children.

I will never be that person.

Now that I’m working part time, I perceptually have less time to write, which either means that I’m not using my time as effectively or the afore mentioned university alumni is messing with me. Surely it isn’t the distraction of twitter, a multitude of exceptional blogs, interesting articles, google, blogs, or pinterest. Did I mention blogs? Nope. Not at all. Uh ah, not me. That’s sooo not me.

What? Procrastinate? Me?

I procrastinate because I suffer from atychiphobia. That’s a fancy word for the fear of failure. It’s debilitating because I’m succeeding through inaction. If I don’t do, I don’t fail – it’s like a passive kind of reinforcement. My greatest defence against this is not wanting to disappoint others but my writing doesn’t affect others, I’m writing for me. Yet I’m not writing, I’m procrastinating on twitter, or blogs or pinterest. Did I mention blogs?

I enjoy writing this blog and if nothing else it’s been good for me to write something I can classify as ‘finished’. I don’t consider my blog reading to be a waste of time either because I learn from them and they interest, inspire and motivate me. However, like all expert procrastinators, I also write this blog to avoid ‘real’ writing and read blogs to stall. “Wow, that post really motivated me to write, let me read that again and then I’ll see if there are any others like it…”

Oh yes procrastination, I’ve got you pegged.

In my studying days I spent quite a bit of time charting my study-plan. Would you call this procrastination? Most certainly, but it also served a different function – it helped me to feel more in control. And I realised I need to be in control of my writing. For someone who writes as slowly as I do, I need to be sure I’m writing as effectively as I can. I’ve read several blogs on this lately (procrastinating again) but most recently this great one by the Green-Fingered Writer. And something’s got to give.

So what’s the plan? Blog writing time will be rationed, if I haven’t completed a blog within the allotted time it has to wait until the following week. This will probably mean you won’t hear from me as often, but as my grandfather always used to say – anticipation is often the best bit. For those blogs I read, I might not get to yours as immediately, so I apologise in advance for that delay. I’m going to be switching off my internet connection a little more often in an attempt to focus on my creative writing, be it my current WiP or something else. As long as I’m flexing that imagination muscle, it’s good.

This may not work, I may not have the self control and sometimes procrastination will prevail but I’m going to try. Deadlines can be healthy and as proof I’ve written this post in record time. I couldn’t have predicted that, or written this line first*.

I call that progress.


*Confused? See previous blog post.


4 thoughts on “Postcrastination

  1. Go you! I’m really glad to hear you’re going to focus on your WiP and yourself, and I really hope you enjoy ‘flexing your imagination muscle’. Of course, I (for one, and I’m sure there are many others) will miss you hanging around the web, but I’m sure we’ll see you again a little ways up the road. Hope to hear good things about how your writing goes, and really hope you enjoy yourself. Big *hug* from the other side of the world! 🙂

    • *hugs back* Well, I’m going to try. I’ll be in an around, but not constantly logged in. It’s too easy to ‘I’ll just see if…’ and ‘I wonder if…’. If I want this – and I do WANT this – I have to give it my best shot. I know me, and I opt for my safe place (procrastination) all too easily, I must help myself and adjust. Once again, thank you for your support, it really, really helps xx

    • Thank you for your support. This was my first week at my new writing-plan and it hasn’t been a phenomenal success but I had to start somewhere. I must keep going! 🙂

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