Weighing in

9922061650941453_SRmgYJ66_cEarly last year I changed jobs and shifted from full-time to part-time. I had further to travel so I left behind public transport and took the car. The opportunity to hop off the bus early disappeared. I started to spend more of my non-working days flexing my writing muscles than flexing my legs. Three months later and suddenly a twenty minute walk to the shops left me breathless. My body was trying to tell me something.

Going to a gym was as appealing as eating my toenails. My interest in torturing myself on faceless equipment surrounded by joyless people jogging nowhere would undoubtedly peak in the first week of my year-long membership. So I got a personal trainer. There, I said it. When I utter those words they echo back in my mind with elongated pompous inflections. Eww, Personal Trainer. It’s not ridiculous, it just sounds ridiculously J.Lo.

My recent interest in health and fitness has me noticing the phenomenal volume of weight loss techniques, fat burning programs, and ‘awesome’ workouts that are out there in the virtual world. Some of these workouts (complete with images of body builders) are so intense I would have probably injured myself and/or collapsed in a disillusioned heap. If I’d taken the fitness road alone, I would have stopped before I’d started.

It frightens me how much the media pushes thinness at us. Shrink a size in fourteen days. Exercises for fab arms. Tone your butt. Flatten your belly. Appearance, appearance, appearance. Wait a minute. It feels like we’re losing sight of something really important. Like health and well-being. Sure, it’s great to see the results of your hard work, but weight loss should be a side-effect not a reason. Get fit first.

It’s time we weighed it in.


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